Summer School Registrations

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Summer School Announcement

Dear Students; Information about Cyprus Science University 2022-2023 Academic Year Summer School is as follows:

1.     Summer school term is 7 weeks without final exam week.

2.     Students can only enrol in a summer school at one university in one term.

3.     If the course that is requested to be taken in the summer school is offered in Cyprus Science University, that course cannot be taken from another university.

4.     Students can take courses outside the University with the decision of the board of directors of the relevant unit, if they have not been opened at the University.

5.     Students can take the courses they have not taken or could not take in the fall and spring semesters in the summer school program.

6.     In summer school, students can take a maximum of 4 courses, a maximum of 16 credits.

7.     Summer school fee is determined as 80 USD per credit for Associate and Undergraduate students (5% VAT included).

8.     Summer School English Preparatory fee is 800 USD (included 5% VAT).

9.     Discounts and scholarships received are not valid during summer school.

10.  It is not possible to register for the overlapping courses within the courses opened in the summer school.

11.  Summer school payments will be made in cash or in two instalments.

12.  Adding/removing courses will not be made for the courses registered in the summer school.

13.  There is no withdrawal in summer school.

14.  Attendance at summer school is compulsory. Fulfilling the previous attendance requirement of a course does not remove the attendance requirement.

15.  You can check our academic calendar for summer school registration dates and other details.

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